[Bug 207383] [Regression] 5.7-rc: amdgpu/polaris11 gpf: amdgpu_atomic_commit_tail

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Sun May 3 15:10:59 UTC 2020


--- Comment #10 from Duncan (1i5t5.duncan at cox.net) ---
(In reply to Duncan from comment #9)
> I'm not there yet but it's starting to look like a possibly dud bisect:
> everything showing good so far

Good but not ideal news!

I did get an apparent graphics crash at the bisect-point above, but it didn't
dump anything in the log this time and behavior was a bit different than usual
for this bug -- audio continued playing longer and I was able to confirm SRQ-E
termination via audio and cpu-fan, and SRQ-S sync via sata-activity LED.

So I'm not sure it's the same bug, or maybe a different one; I'm bisecting
pre-rc1 after all so others aren't unlikely.

So I'm rebooted to the same bisect step to try again, with any luck to get that
gpf dump in the log confirming it's the same bug this time.

If it *is* the same bug, it looks like I avoided a dud bisect after all, just
happened to be all good until almost the very end, I'm only a few steps away
from pinning it down, and it's almost certainly one of the commits listed in
comment #9. =:^)

> Meanwhile, user-side I've gotten vulkan/mesa/etc updates recently.  I'm
> considering checking out linus-master/HEAD again, doing a pull, and seeing
> if by chance either the last week's kernel updates or the user-side updates
> have eliminated the problem.

Been there, done that, still had the bug, with gpf-log-dump confirmation.  Back
to the bisect.

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