[PATCH 1/2] drivers: drm: panel: Add TM5P5 NT35596 panel driver

Konrad Dybcio konradybcio at gmail.com
Sat May 2 10:14:34 UTC 2020

Disclaimer: sorry if you see it twice, I got a response saying something
was wrong when I first tried to send this.


Thanks for your review. I'll send a v2 soon, however we need to solve the
compat string issue first.

How should I document tm5p5? I think it's rather some kind of a model no.
along with the nt35596 IC than a vendor name.. Or should we call it
something like "unknown,tm5p5-nt35596", perhaps "asus,z00t-tm5p5-n35596"

[1] Z00T is the model number of the smartphone that uses this panel

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