xdg-app 0.5.0 released

Alexander Larsson alexl at redhat.com
Wed Mar 16 12:35:21 UTC 2016

I just released xdg-app 0.5.0. The minor number is bumped, but it is
still completely backwards compatible. However, it is a way to show
that I now consider xdg-app to have reached a new level of stability
and completeness.



See the NEWS file for the details of this minor release:

However, the major changes in 0.5 compared to the last announced
version in version in the 0.4 series is:

* New libxdg-app library with an API that lets you implement a
graphical frontend for xdg-app. This is used by gnome-software, as well
as the papyros software center.

* Support has been added for handling AppData information in apps. This
is a cross-desktop standard for user visible application metadata such
as name, icons, description, changes and screenshots. The integration
of this is what allows e.g. gnome-software to show lots of nice
information when browsing xdg-app repositories.

* The xdg-app command line interface has been cleaned up and

* A new tool, xdg-app-helper has been added that makes it easier to
build applications as xdg-app bundles.

* Support has been added for single-file application bundles, so that
you can ship an xdg-app on physical media. When you install the bundle
it can also register a url from where you can later get updates.

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