freedesktop-sdk flatpak runtimes 18.08 (aka 1.8) are here!

Javier Jardón jjardon at
Fri Aug 10 07:38:37 UTC 2018


The new version of the freedesktop-sdk flatpak runtimes are finally here!

For the impatient: take a look at our NEWS [1] and README [2] to check
how to use it with your flatpak app. They are also on their way to be
imported to flathub.

More below:

We still have some known issues / tasks to do, as you can see at [3]:
- Most important one is a problem with the fonts in GNOME Builder,
which we are currently investigating

As you can see we have switched to a time-based naming convention (year.month)
This was done to help understand what package versions included in
this release you can expect (every element should be fairly up-to-date
as of today)
To help with this we have also created a wiki page with all the
release contents [4]

Also, the branching and release model we will try to follow has been
documented here: [5] Basically:
- We will try to continue to upgrade the current release (18.08) as
much as we can
- We will only release a new version in a year if we need to break ABI
- At any point we will maintain:
  - Current release
  - Previous release
  - Current unstable (If it exists)
- This means every release will have a maintenance of at least 2 years

If you want to participate, please take at look to all the pending
issues at [6] :)

You are more than welcome to use our CI to build and send patches (we
have runners for arm, aarch64, i386 and x86_64), but in case you want
to build locally check the instructions in our README [2]

Lastly but no less important, we would like to thank everyone who has
made this release possible; thanks for making this project so
instructive and fun at the same time!

Valentin David
Javier Jardón
Thomas Coldrick
Adam Jones
Mathieu Bridon
Abderrahim Kitouni
Jordan Petridis
Sam Thursfield
Michael Catanzaro
Laurence Urhegyi
Robert McQueen
Tristan Van Berkom
Alexander Mikhaylenko
Ben Brown
Patrick Griffis
Paul Sherwood
Tiago Gomes
Xavier Claessens

freedesktop-sdk team


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