Announce: Flatpak 1.14.0

Phaedrus Leeds mwleeds at
Tue Aug 23 05:20:49 UTC 2022

Available here:

$ sha256sum -b flatpak-1.14.0.tar.xz
8e276973770ea24ddf2597ad4aecd36b98393e6bde91e48e1743aaca67f27815 *flatpak-1.14.0.tar.xz

Known issues:
* There may be an issue where non-primary architecture builds don't show up
* There is a new security advisory on Flatpak but all supported versions are
not affected due to using new enough versions of libostree


* Conditional on a build time option, revokefs will now use version 3 of the
FUSE API rather than version 2 (#4326)
* Libappstream should be updated to at least 0.15.3 to avoid critical warning
messages when using the "flatpak search" command

New features:

* A new key "DeploySideloadCollectionID" is now supported in flatpakref and
flatpakrepo files, to allow setting a collection ID at the time a remote is
added from one of those files, rather than when metadata is pulled from the
remote, and without affecting versions of Flatpak with the older pre-sideload
P2P implementation (#4826)
* Allow sub-sandboxes to own MPRIS names on the session bus (#5023)
* Commands that accept "--user" will now also take "-u" as an alias for that
* The CLI now properly informs the user of which apps are (indirectly) using
end-of-life runtime extensions in end-of-life info messages (#4835)
* The CLI now takes into account operations in the pending transaction when
printing end-of-life messages (#4835)
* The uninstall command now asks for confirmation before removing in-use
runtimes or runtime extensions (#4835)
* A "--socket=gpg-agent" option is now recognized by "flatpak run" and related
commands (#4958)

Bug fixes:

* Fix a memory corruption issue caused by use of libcurl in an unsafe way
* Update selinux policy to cover symbolic links in /var/lib/flatpak (#4992)
* Fix a crash in case a .desktop file processed by the build-export command has
no Exec= key, and some related fixes for handling such .desktop files (#4817)
* Preserve the X11 display number rather than redirecting it to :99 (#5034)

Other changes:

* Various improvements to the unit tests, CI infra, and documentation
* Some changes were made to ensure translators can work on full sentences
rather than fragments in several places
* Translation updates: de, ru, sv, tr, uk, zh_CN


Phaedrus Leeds
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