[Fontconfig] Re: Problems going from RH8 to RH9

Jonathan W. Smith jonathan.w.smith at att.net
Thu Apr 10 09:28:34 EST 2003

Luckily,  I was browsing the archives, searching for a possible answer to my
problem, when I came across your reply to my inquiry. There was no way for a
member to reply while browsing the archives, so I created this email as if I
had received your response via email and was replying to it.

How long should it take after 'fc-cache -f' to finish running? I have let
the machine sit for three hours and it has yet to come back to a command
line prompt. Something similar happened previously, I tried running
'redhat-config-xfree86' after creating a local.conf. It started merrily off
as if great things would happen, yet never came back to the command line
prompt. I finally cancelled.

I guess I should cancel this effort; delete the local.conf that I created;
and, try running 'fc-cache -f' again.

I am unsure how to answer your question about fonts, other than what shipped
with RH9. As previously stated, this was an attempt to go from RH8 to RH9.
There were programs, other than what shipped with RH8 on my machine, that
installed fonts, e.g., Corel Word Perfect and Sun Star Office. So I would
assume that the answer to your question is "Yes".


Your previous reply:

No, I don't think that would help you. I'd first try running, as root,
'fc-cache -f'; this will recreate your font database from scratch. I've had
one report of a problem where a certain font got fontconfig completely
confused, though I've been unable to reproduce the problem:
<https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=87992> Do you have
fonts on your system that didn't ship with Red Hat Linux 9?

I wrote:

Yesterday, I upgraded from Red Hat Linux 8.0 to Red Hat Linux 9.0. Things
went relatively smoothly until a reboot of the machine resulted in an
inability of the X server to load. Initially this seemed to be the result of
incorrect monitor parameters.  After I corrected those settings, I still
have a problem.

I now get an error message that states, "No fonts found; this probably means
that the fontconfig library is not correctly configured. I would add that I
have /etc/fonts/fonts.conf; I lack a /etc/fonts/local.conf. Would I solve my
problem by copying the fonts path to local conf, i.e. chkfontpath -l >
local.conf, then edit local.conf so that it conforms to the XML format
illustrated by fonts.conf?

Thanks in advance for consideration of my request.

Best regards,

Jonathan Smith
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