[Fontconfig] Re: Problems going from RH8 to RH9

Owen Taylor otaylor at redhat.com
Thu Apr 10 09:36:29 EST 2003

On Wed, 2003-04-09 at 19:28, Jonathan W. Smith wrote:
> Luckily,  I was browsing the archives, searching for a possible answer to my
> problem, when I came across your reply to my inquiry. There was no way for a
> member to reply while browsing the archives, so I created this email as if I
> had received your response via email and was replying to it.

Sorry, forgot to Cc: you last time.

> How long should it take after 'fc-cache -f' to finish running? I have let
> the machine sit for three hours and it has yet to come back to a command
> line prompt. Something similar happened previously, I tried running
> 'redhat-config-xfree86' after creating a local.conf. It started merrily off
> as if great things would happen, yet never came back to the command line
> prompt. I finally cancelled.
> I guess I should cancel this effort; delete the local.conf that I created;
> and, try running 'fc-cache -f' again.

Yeah, using the stock fonts.conf would remove a variable. I would
recommend it.

fc-cache should take a couple of minutes, no more. If you have thousands
of fonts from Word Perfect, maybe 5-10 minutes.

If takes longer than that, I'd run the command as:

 strace -e open -e fc-cache -f

And see what font file it hangs on.

> I am unsure how to answer your question about fonts, other than what shipped
> with RH9. As previously stated, this was an attempt to go from RH8 to RH9.
> There were programs, other than what shipped with RH8 on my machine, that
> installed fonts, e.g., Corel Word Perfect and Sun Star Office. So I would
> assume that the answer to your question is "Yes".

Depends on _where_ these fonts were installed. If they aren't in
fontconfig's directories, then they don't matter. But probably yes.


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