[Fontconfig] Endian issue with sub-pixel anti-aliasing

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Wed Apr 23 03:10:27 EST 2003

Around 2 o'clock on Apr 23, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> Ooh, that's very sweet.

Looks like we're rasterizing the glyphs correctly.  Now we need to figure 
out if the images are getting put on the wire correctly.  For that, you'll
need xscope which you can fetch from CVS at keithp.com.

$ xhost +
$ xscope -v4 -hlocalhost -i27 >& xscope.log < /dev/null &
$ export DISPLAY=localhost:27
$ <application>
$ kill <xscope>

That'll generate a *huge* log file which will show every single byte sent 
between the X server and the application.  Dig through that to find the 
RenderAddGlyphs request and we'l see what bytes are getting sent to the X 


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