[Fontconfig] Nimbus Sans Condensed being selected over Nimbus Sans

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Fri Apr 25 03:06:09 EST 2003

Around 17 o'clock on Apr 24, Frank Murphy wrote:

> With KDE on Debian sid, all the "helvetica" fonts are grabbing Nimbus Sans,
> as expected. However, it is grabbing Nimbus Sans:style=Regular Condesed.
> I'd prefer Nimbus Sans:style=Regular if condensed isn't requested.

Type1 fonts don't appear to include a field specifically indicating the 
width of the font (normal, condensed, etc).  This makes it hard to select 
the right font in this case.

The best solution would be to modify fontconfig to try and extract width 
information from the style field.  This would then let fontconfig's normal 
pattern matching prefer the regular width font.

> How do I specify this in .fonts.conf. <prefer> only sems to work with font
> familes, not styles.

You could add a specific style name to the pattern, but you'd have to be 
very careful as it will compare the whole string.  Look over the match/edit
rules in the fontconfig user documentation (linked from the 
http://fontconfig.org page)


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