[Fontconfig] Nimbus Sans Condensed being selected over Nimbus Sans

Frank Murphy fjm_maillists at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 25 06:36:49 EST 2003

> > How do I specify this in .fonts.conf. <prefer> only sems to work with
> > font familes, not styles.
> You could add a specific style name to the pattern, but you'd have to be
> very careful as it will compare the whole string.  Look over the match/edit
> rules in the fontconfig user documentation (linked from the
> http://fontconfig.org page)

So I tried this:

<match target="pattern">
                <test qual="any" name="style" compare="not_eq">
                <edit name="style" mode="assign_replace">

Just hoping to always get Regular, as a start. How can I debug that this is 
doing anything? Running fc-cache will parse the file (and complain when I do 
something wrong.) But the KDE look is still condensed.



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