[Fontconfig] Some fc-cache problems

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Fri Apr 25 03:34:00 EST 2003

Around 10 o'clock on Apr 24, James Ots wrote:

> The first is with Adobe's Gill Sans font. There are three weights, Normal, 
> Bold and Extra Bold, but they are assigned weights of 100, 200 and 100 by 
> fc-cache.

Fontconfig 2.2 tries to extract the weight from the FontInfo dictionary in 
Type1 fonts, but it does that with string matching so a font with an 
unexpected value in that table will end up getting 100 by default.

> The second problem is with Helvetica. All the Oblique versions get slants of 
> 0, so the fonts always gets italicised by the system. If I edit the 
> fonts.cache-1 file to say 100 for the oblique slant then it displays 
> properly.

Oops.  It looks like there's a bug in fontconfig in it's detection of 
italic fonts.  I've commited a fix for that to fontconfig CVS that's in 
both the 2.2 branch and head.  The head patch also contains some 
additional diagnostics that will help fix the first problem.  If you can
run from CVS, please do:

	$ FC_DEBUG=384 fc-cache -f -v /path/to/gill/sans/font/directory


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