[Fontconfig] Some fc-cache problems

James Ots me at jamesots.com
Thu Apr 24 17:04:33 EST 2003


I have a couple of problems with fc-cache and Type1 fonts.

The first is with Adobe's Gill Sans font. There are three weights, Normal, 
Bold and Extra Bold, but they are assigned weights of 100, 200 and 100 by 
fc-cache. Which means that when a program requests a weight of 100 it gets 
the Extra Bold version. I edited fonts.cache-1 and set the weight of the 
Extra Bold version to 300 and it works.

The second problem is with Helvetica. All the Oblique versions get slants of 
0, so the fonts always gets italicised by the system. If I edit the 
fonts.cache-1 file to say 100 for the oblique slant then it displays 

I tried using the supplied version with SuSE 8.2 and compiling version 2.2 
from fontconfig.org, both with the same results.

James Ots

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