[Fontconfig] Re: [Cairo] Text API proposal

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Tue Aug 12 02:24:52 EST 2003

Around 10 o'clock on Jul 30, Owen Taylor wrote:

> And for the real API, you need:
>     - Scale/Apply a transformation matrix to a font
>     - Render a glyph to a bitmap
>     - Add a glyph to a cairo path

There are two other important operations:

      - convert a glyph to a path
      - embed glyphs in a postscript file

Can I use Windows (or OS X) apis to get the outline of each glyph?  If 
not, then I'm not sure how we can make cairo work in those environments 
without replacing the OS-specific font libraries with FreeType.

I think we should consider os-specific font selection mechanisms though, 
with fontconfig used where appropriate.


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