[Fontconfig] qt, xft problems...

Benjamin Hess bghess at umich.edu
Sat Aug 9 08:51:10 EST 2003

I am running on a Solaris 8 box (Ultra sparc).

I have compiled render, xrender, freetype2, xft, fontconfig (all latest 
versions).  Everything appears to be working great -- I have compiled gtk apps 
and have nice anti-aliased fonts visible.  I also have compiled Keith's 
waterfall app in his CVS area -- and it works great too, I can see many fonts.

I moved on to compiling qt, as a step towards getting all of KDE anti-aliased.  
Everything compiled fine, no errors (configured with the -xrender and -xft 
options, and it gave the proper feedback)...  get none of qt's apps are 
showing anti-aliased fonts, and when I use the font selector in qt designer 
(for example), my copious quantities of fonts are not listed (the true type 
fonts that I added).  It would seem qt (3.1.2) isn't getting ahold of xft 
correctly, though ldd shows it correctly linked in.  AA boxes checked in both 
qtconfig, designer font prefs.  Also have useXft=true in my ~/.qt/qtrc

Am I missing something simple here?

please cc me in your responses, as I am not on the fontconfig list.


bghess (at) umich.edu

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