[Fontconfig] why look msttcorefonts different under Windows?

abel schie abelschie at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 8 17:58:25 EST 2003


I'm using the fonts from the msttcore fonts package, and I have disabled 
for both Arial and Times New Roman. However, these fonts do not look the 
same in
Windows. Especially with characters like O, D, C etc I see that with 
fontconfig there
are some extra pixels in the "curves" of these letters (sorry, I'm not a 
font-guru and
don't know technical terms for this) resulting in 2 pixels width. In 
Windows, these
letters have at that location just 1 pixel, making it look cleaner. With 
every fontsize
I see this problem.

I think I've tried about every option of fontconfig (hinting, outline etc) 
but I can't fix
it. Enabling FC_DEBUG ensures me I'm using the right font.

When I'm using xfontsel I _can_ select -monotype-arial-medium-r-xxxx
wich looks perfect. In addition, changing size (both large and small) keeps 
a perfect result.
As far as I understand, therefore it must be possible to produce that result 
fontconfig too.

Can someone explain to me how I can use fontconfig making Arial and Times 
New Roman
look exactly the same as in Windows? If it's not possible, what's the 

Thanks a lot.

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