[Fontconfig] Categorised Fonts

::... Teresa_II ...:: teresa_ii at myeburg.net
Fri Aug 15 00:02:31 EST 2003

Hi all,

first, sorry for my english.

Hier is my mockup on gimp to show what Idea i have.
It would be nice to have per user defined Font Categories.

So first link for look:

It would be nice, to have this feature in fontconfig. Or we cann start
new projekt based on fontconfig API thats extend fontconfig lib for same
more functions, like SetFontCategory() and GetFontCategory() and etc.

I am not so familar with font architektur, and i am not sure where to
How i know, at time no OS can do this with fonts. And it can be a realy
good feature. Peoples, who like design have very much fonts in their
systems. And to find same font takes much time. And it can be much easer
if you can define own categories.

Categories must be defined for every user by it self.
There can be just one startup category - default, where are all fonts
that dont belong to category.

One font can belont to many categories.

I think info about user categories must be saved in user home dir in xml

About implementation. I am not realy sure if there is new font-category
lib needed. But i am also not so sure if categories are fontconfiglib

Where must be samethink like fontilus for gnome, that give user same
interface to manage his fonts. But it is not our problem now. At first
there must be sam API for this.

What you think ? Where can we start ?

Teresa_II		http://www.linuxtalk.info

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