[Fontconfig] Categorised Fonts

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Fri Aug 15 02:48:44 EST 2003

Around 16 o'clock on Aug 14, "<::... Teresa_II ...::>" wrote:

> Hier is my mockup on gimp to show what Idea i have.
> It would be nice to have per user defined Font Categories.

We've talked a bit about how to split fonts up into groups so that you 
could limit the scope of the font menu in applications, but I don't think 
we've considered letting people build hierarchies within the font system
(for it's not a large step to consider catagories of catagories).

I'd like to see something like this become possible, but for it to be 
useful we would have to get applications to change their interface (which 
can take a *long* time...).  An alternative would be to have some way of 
limiting the fonts returned from the listing functions; this would let 
users customize their interface without affecting font matching otherwise.

I guess I'd like to see a mechanism which can work with existing 
applications while allowing new applications to have better interfaces.


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