[Fontconfig] Xft with Xsun + XRender

Dan danholm at swbell.net
Wed Feb 12 15:17:09 EST 2003

Has anyone managed to get Xft working with the Solaris 9
12/02 release of Xsun with happy new XRender support? I was
able to compile and install fontconfig and Xft without too
much trouble, however apps compiled with Xft support only
show empty space where there should be text while scrolling
BadDrawable errors in my console.

I'm new to Xft, so I'm not entirely convinced it's not just
a configuration problem.  Basically, here's the procedure I

1) Compiled and installed fontconfig.
2) Compiled and installed Xft.
3) Executed fc-cache as root -- it found a couple dozen
   fonts in /usr/openwin/lib/X11/fonts/TrueType along with
   a couple other similar paths.
4) Compiled QT.
5) :(
6) Thinking maybe it would work better if I also used the
   version of libXRender bundled with fcpackage_2.1 rather
   than the one included with Solaris, I compiled and
   installed libXRender.so and recompiled Xft and QT to use
   the new version.
7) :( again.

I've tried running the programs through truss and I can see
them find the configuration file in /etc/fonts, dig through
all of the font directories mentioned therein, and pick out
a couple fonts to use.  The problem seems to appear when it
comes time to do the actual rendering of the glyphs.

Recompiling QT each time I make a change is a little time
consuming -- are there any Xft example apps out there that
might draw a simple window with some text that one could
use for testing?  Unfortunately, I'm not so good at the X
Window programming.

So has anybody seen an invisible font problem similar to
this?  Or is maybe the RENDER module included with this new
release of Solaris every bit as experimental as Sun has

Thanks for any input..

Dan Holm
AlertLogic [ http://www.alertlogic.net ]

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