[Fontconfig] Where's the FAQ?

Dave dgriffi at cs.csubak.edu
Tue Jan 14 18:29:17 EST 2003

Now that I'm messing with GTK2, I'm finding a need to do stuff with
fontconfig.  I executed a demo (gtk+-2.2.0/demos/gtk-demo/gtk-demo) and
got this:

No fonts found; this probably means that the fontconfig
library is not correctly configured. You may need to
edit the fonts.conf configuration file. More information
about fontconfig can be found in the fontconfig(3) manual
page and on http://fontconfig.org

Unfortunately, neither the fonts.conf file nor the fontconfig(3) manpage
are of any use in solving this problem.  Nor did I find an obvious
solution at http://fontconfig.org.  Is there a FAQ is the works that would
address fixing problems in getting fontconfig to work?

David Griffith
dgriffi at cs.csubak.edu

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