[Fontconfig] Strange behaviour with fixed pitch

Alan Chandler alan at chandlerfamily.org.uk
Mon Jan 27 03:51:56 EST 2003

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I am not sure that I have found the right place to ask this question.

A few weeks ago, I installed fontconfig (Debian Unstable), with (I assume - 
and thats why I am not sure I am at the right place) libxft2.

Since then, I have had a strange problem in kde (konsole) with the console 
font that it provides (see http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=52538 )

I have been trying to debug the problem over the last couple of weeks and have 
narrowed it down to the fact that using QT - if I toggle the FixedPitch 
property of the font that a piece of text is displayed in the text display 
displays normally when the Fixed Pitch attribute is off and seems to have a 
double width spacing when the Fixed Pitch attribute is on.

With a small application doing just that - I have been running a debugger into 
the qt code to find why it changes the character spacing.  Its difficult to 
be sure but I am almost convinced that when it calls the xft library to 
render the text it does not know that it will be rendered at this double 
width.  Clipping Rectange sizes etc seem to be being calculated on the basis 
of the correct font metrics.  Trouble is, I haven't manage to discover how 
the Fixed Pitch attribute is propagated down to the xft library - so I can't 
quite explain everything.

If my suposition is correct, then it is libxft2 that has the fault. Reading 
the info at www.fontconfig.org the suggestion is that its using a different 
version of the library that xfree.

So - I am reporting it here.

PS - trying to join mailing list but my membership hasn't come through yet (is 
it moderated?) so maybe a cc to me on a reply would help - thanks. 
- -- 
Alan Chandler
alan at chandlerfamily.org.uk
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