[Fontconfig] Re: [Devel] include/freetype/freetype.h checkin on 2003-06-19 broke fontconfig

ismail donmez voidcartman at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 1 22:01:32 EST 2003

> I can't verify this.  Since I'm still using an older
> version of XFree
> I don't have fontconfig installed by default. 
> Instead, I just checked
> out the CVS archive of fontconfig together with the
> latest version of
> expat.  Compiling went fine (using current CVS), and
> the test program
> `run-test.sh' works fine too.

Fontconfig works just that no GTK+/Qt app can use TTF

> This is very strange.  Theoretically, none of the
> changes should have
> an impact if you recompile fontconfig.  Are you
> *sure* that you aren't
> using an old FreeType dynamic library?
Yes as I did cvs up -D "2003-06-18" make install
everything is ok cvs up -D "2003-06-19" make install
and no TTF fonts.

P.S: I use XFree 4.3.0 that might be the case I really
do not know.


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