[Fontconfig] Re: [Devel] include/freetype/freetype.h checkin on 2003-06-19 broke fontconfig

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Tue Jul 1 18:27:04 EST 2003

> For like a more than a week with freetype cvs fontconfig is no
> longer to use freetype fonts. Weird thing is it can cache truetype
> fonts and *cant* cache pcf.gz fonts and Qt/GTK+ apps are only be
> able to use pcf.gz fonts and not truetype fonts.

I can't verify this.  Since I'm still using an older version of XFree
I don't have fontconfig installed by default.  Instead, I just checked
out the CVS archive of fontconfig together with the latest version of
expat.  Compiling went fine (using current CVS), and the test program
`run-test.sh' works fine too.

> So I did a bit cvs revert and noticed that
> include/freetype/freetype.h on 2003-06-19 broke fontconfig.  I
> attached exact patch which broke fontconfig. I reverted this patch
> on latest cvs and all fonts work and fontconfig can cache all fonts.

This is very strange.  Theoretically, none of the changes should have
an impact if you recompile fontconfig.  Are you *sure* that you aren't
using an old FreeType dynamic library?


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