[Fontconfig] font matching doesn't work for me

Tomasz Grobelny grotk at poczta.onet.pl
Sun Jul 20 05:56:16 EST 2003

On sob 19. lipca 2003 21:17, Keith Packard wrote:
> Around 20 o'clock on Jul 19, Tomasz Grobelny wrote:
> > But in the application menu only scalable font should be shown (ex. word
> > processor).
> Why is that?  While some of us would never again consider using bitmap
> fonts on the screen, there are still people who prefer them in some
> applications, especially applications which are presenting information that
> isn't intended for printing (mail readers, terminal emulators, web
> browers).
It is a word processor so printing is necessary and so are scalable fonts.

> If your application wants to display only scalable fonts in it's menu,
> then the fontconfig listing functions can be directed to supply only
> scalable names.
But sometimes the font family is just written to a file.

> > No, I want only my app to use vector fonts. Everything else should remain
> > untouched.
> Then we need to find a way to have your application ask for scalable
> fonts; in particular, if it asks for Times, it's going to get Times with
> the current architecture.  Is there some particular reason you want to use
> this family name?
Yes. For example one user has Times as Type1 font (scalable) so on another 
computer we want to get a similar family (giving Times should give us TTF 
Times New Roman because this user doesn't have Type1 Times).

> > What about a possbility to provide parametrical match. The developer
> > could provide priority for each font property (the order of font
> > properties should be necessary).
> The match is already ordered, but the priority order is fixed within the
> library.  I'd like to avoid further complexity in the library interface if
Using FcObjectSet could be considered...

> possible; perhaps you can explain how your application managed to get the
> 'Times' name in the first place so we can figure out a way to get the
> desired result.
As mentioned above: from a file.


For now I use FcFontSort and l look up the returned list until I find first 
scalable font. But this doesn't seem to be The Right Thing.

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