[Fontconfig] FAQ update, accessibility comments

Martin Lucina mato at kotelna.sk
Thu Jul 24 21:57:31 EST 2003

Hi all,

I have updated the Fontconfig FAQ at


with a discussion of how to disable antialiased font rendering on a
Fontconfig-enabled system. Having searched the web for some time and not
found the "right" answer to this question, I went and figured it out
myself. Please take a look and tell me if I've said anything bogus.

You may ask why I have done this -- for me it's an accessibility issue.
Antialiased fonts look blurry on my LCD, even with the latest
XFree86/Freetype/GTK+2/Fontconfig. I've also tried various combinations
of subpixel rendering settings but that seems to make it even worse, the
result as I can see it is that with subpixel rendering I see funky bits
of red and/or blue along with the text. 

Could this be due to the fact that I am diagnosed with astigmatism
(essentially means I use only a single eye at any one time)? Maybe
someone can tell me what subpixel rendering looks like for them if they
look at it with one eye closed? :-)

There may be more people affected by this (or those who just prefer the
non-antialiased rendering) and possibly it should be brought to the
attention of the GNOME/KDE accessibility people so that we can get this
mentioned in the FAQs and/or a preference for it in the random

Apologies if this is not the right forum for this, but I gather that
quite a few desktop/distro people probably lurk here.

Please Cc: me on replies.



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