[Fontconfig] Polygon too large X error

Dmitry Karasik dmitry at karasik.eu.org
Sun Jun 29 06:32:44 EST 2003


How one would prevent 'polygon request too large' 
Xlib error? Is Xft capable of breaking the glyph in
smaller polygons, or probably there are X extensions
that allow large X requests? 

This happens when I output font with pixel size larger than
~500x500 pixels.

Another question, which can serve as a safe fallback 
for the said problem: how I would ask Xft to create
a bitmap glyph for me, for local use, without sending
it back and forth to the X server? 

Yet another question: how to output Xft text with
logical raster operations? Agree, xor-ing antialiased
text has little use, but it is not so for the non-antialiased.


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