[Fontconfig] fontconfig and xfonts?

zonk at ultraworld.xs4all.nl zonk at ultraworld.xs4all.nl
Mon Nov 10 12:41:43 EST 2003


For a good while, i've been using gnome-terminal (on debian unstable), which 
recently switched to using fontconfig.

I've always used the stock 'fixed' font in gnome-terminal, so that it
basically looks like a regular xterm. However since switching to fontconfig,
i can't find a way to have the 'fixed' font looking like it does in an
xterm, it's either too big, too small, or chunky.

I've been looking through the mail archives for hints, and playing with AA,
but to no avail.

How do i get fontconfig to come up with the plain old 'fixed' font?


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