[Fontconfig] Polytonic Greek and XFree 4.3

JUAN-J MARCOS jmag0042 at guindo.cnice.mecd.es
Sun Nov 9 17:56:27 EST 2003

Dear Vasilis,

firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Juan-José Marcos, I am a
classicist and developer of the Unicode font for ancient scripts named
I have tried my font with Windows and Mac.
Now I want to check Alphabetum under Linux running Debian (Gnome 2.2)
using OpenOffice 1.0 and 1.1 and here I have many problems since I
cannot input from my keyboard any accented Greek symbols from the
Extended Greek Unicode range (unless I use the clumsy method via
Insert/Symbol command).
I used GSwitchIt keyboard indicator to enable different keyboards, it is
a very good method but it only recognizes keymap for Modern Greek, no
polytonic Greek is present.
In the web I have read that you have created a keyboard for Ancient
Greek supplied with XFree 4.3, however it is not present in my system
although I have XFree 4.3, so I would very grateful to you if you are so
kind to send me the files required to type classic Greek with OpenOffice
and to describe me the way of installing and activating the keyboard, if
possible with GSwitchIt, otherwise please indicate me the steps I must
take to run it. Sorry for the inconveniences, but I am very inexpert
using Linux, I find this operating system a little complicate, I am a PC
and Mac user and I can easily type ancient Greek using Antioch or
Multikey keyboard controllers under Windows and Alkaios and Greekkeys
under Mac.
I am very interested in using OpenOffice under Linux for Greek, but for
the moment I cannot get it. Thanks in advance for your help and forgive
my ignorance.
If you are interested in my Unicode font I would be glad to send you a
copy, free of any additional charge to you, of course.

Once again many thanks. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Juan-José Marcos.

Post data: I sometimes use Ogham script, in etc/X11/xkb/symbols there is
a keymap for Ogham but in GSwitchIt does not appear, how can I do to
this script appears in the menu of GSwitchIt? or how I can activate this

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