[Fontconfig] Fontconfig Bug?

Nicolas Christener niki.christener at dtc.ch
Sat Nov 22 02:35:07 EST 2003

I'm not sure... but maybe I found a bug in fontconfig.
I copyed some TTF's into the system wide font directory.
After fc-cache and restarting X, I had some problems:
- Gnome 1.3.22 doesn't run.
- gnome-font-properties dies when clicking on a "choose font" button.
- KDM shows completly wrong fonts
- ...
Because QT & GTK apps get crazy, I think that this is a fontconfig problem.
If I'm wrong... sorry!
I uploaded the fonts to http://font_bug.loozer.ch/
in the tarball you'll find 4 fonts and 2 text files.
As far as I can see, the font who causes the problem is
The text files contain
- fc-list output befor installing the fonts (fc-list_ohne_fehler.lst)
- fc-list output after installing the fonts (fc-list_mit_fehler.lst)
If you compare (diff) those files you'll see, the following:

Times CY:style=Italic
Times CY:style=Regular
Times CY:style=Bold

The last line has no "Font-Name".
Maybe the font is broken...
But in my opinion a broken font should not result in such problems.

Is this a bug?
(If "yes" where should I report it?)

Best regards
Nicolas Christener

(Sorry... my english is not that god)

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