[Fontconfig] Fontconfig error: Cannot load default config file

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Mon Sep 8 06:20:29 EST 2003

Around 14 o'clock on Sep 7, "Philippe A" wrote:

> I tried to trace this error in the code and eventually found that 
> FcConfigFilename always returns null for me. Looks like fontconfig does not 
> look automatically in /etc/fonts, which is where I have my fresh config 
> files installed.

Sounds like fontconfig got miscompiled somehow.  It seems most likely that 
the FONTCONFIG_PATH didn't get defined correctly.

Check your Makefile in src and ensure that you have something like:

sysconfdir = /etc
CONFDIR = ${sysconfdir}/fonts
INCLUDES = $(FREETYPE_CFLAGS) $(EXPAT_CFLAGS) -DFONTCONFIG_PATH='"$(CONFDIR)"' -I$(top_srcdir) -I$(top_srcdir)/src

Then run 'strings' on fccfg.o and make sure /etc/fonts is present in the 
object file.


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