[Fontconfig] Disabling font X for language Y

Stefan Baums baums at u.washington.edu
Fri Apr 23 06:56:15 EST 2004

> Make the fonts you prefer appear before the fonts you dislike
> and fontconfig will happily provide them first in the list to
> the application.

Sorry, that doesn't have any effect here.  I attach my .fonts.conf
file.  Putting your lines into /etc/fonts/local.conf didn't change
anything either.

Maybe it does have something to do with the seeming Greek
non-parallelism and fc-list strangeness that I described?

What is the current preferred email address for the fontconfig


Stefan Baums
Asian Languages and Literature
University of Washington
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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM "fonts.dtd">

  <match target="font" >
    <edit mode="assign" name="rgba" >
    This is here to prevent QT/KDE fetching Cyrillic glyphs from
    the Arphic Chinese fonts.  Doesn't work, though.
      <family>Free Helvetian</family>
      <family>Free Times</family>
      <family>Free Courier</family>

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