[Fontconfig] Disabling font X for language Y

Stefan Baums baums at u.washington.edu
Fri Apr 23 11:11:48 EST 2004

> 2.2.92 had issues with FreeType header syntax; that's been fixed
> in 2.2.93

Okay, I uninstalled the Fontconfig 2.2.2 Debian packages, compiled
and installed Fontconfig 2.2.93 and ran

   fc-match --sort 'sans\-serif'

with the attached result.  Sure enough, "AR PL SungtiL GB" and "AR
PL Mingti2L Big5" do appear in the list (by the way, note the
wrong spelling "Reguler" with the latter).  "Free Helvetian" for
some strange reason does not (nor is it in the lists for 'serif'
and 'monospace').  Nonetheless, the list would suggest that the
Chinese font should _not_ be used for Cyrillic, since "Free Avant
Garde" and "Free Times" are much higher up the list.

All this was from the console.  X wouldn't start up at all with
Fontconfig 2.2.93, so I don't know what KDE would have looked like
with it.


Stefan Baums
Asian Languages and Literature
University of Washington
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~> fc-match --sort 'sans\-serif'
Fontconfig error: Cannot load default config file
a010013d.pfb: "Free Avant Garde" "Book"
n021003d.pfb: "Free Times" "Roman"
b018012l.pfb: "URW Bookman L" "Light"
mikachan.ttf: "mikachan" "Regular"
Garuda.ttf: "Garuda" "Regular"
thryn___.ttf: "Thryomanes" "Regular"
TAMu_Kalyani.ttf: "TAMu_Kalyani" "Regular"
TSCu_Paranar.ttf: "TSCu_Paranar" "Regular"
TSCu_Times.ttf: "TSCu_Times" "Normal"
TSCu_Comic.ttf: "TSCu_Comic" "Normal"
TSCu_paranarb.ttf: "TSCu_Paranar" "Bold"
z003034d.pfb: "Free Chancery" "Italic"
TSCu_paranari.ttf: "TSCu_Paranar" "Italic"
DBThaiText.ttf: "DBThaiText" "Medium"
KacstDecorative.ttf: "KacstDecorative" "KacstDecorative"
KacstQurn.ttf: "KacstQurn" "KacstQurn"
AkaashNormal.ttf: "Akaash" "Normal"
batang.ttf: "Baekmuk Batang" "Regular"
gbsn00lp.ttf: "AR PL SungtiL GB" "Regular"
bsmi00lp.ttf: "AR PL Mingti2L Big5" "Reguler"
opens___.ttf: "OpenSymbol" "Regular"
MalOtf.ttf: "MalOtf" "Book"
ani.ttf: "Ani" "Regular"
malayalam.ttf: "malayalam" "Regular"
d050000l.pfb: "Dingbats" "Regular"
s050000l.pfb: "Standard Symbols L" "Regular"
KacstQuraFixed.ttf: "KacstQuraFixed" "Regular"
DBThaiTextBold.ttf: "DBThaiText" "Bold"

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