[Fontconfig] Re: Disabling font X for language Y

Mike FABIAN mfabian at suse.de
Fri Apr 23 21:15:18 EST 2004

Stefan Baums <baums at u.washington.edu> さんは書きました:

> So the overall impression is that QT 3 uses Fontconfig
> superficially and incorrectly.


> This probably has to be fixed at
> the QT end,


> but in the meantime I would like to configure Fontconfig so I can
> sidestep QT’s most egregious mistakes.

I think the only way to work around your problem is to use qtconfig.

>> You can adjust Qt font settings in qtconfig, which may or may
>> not be installed with with Debian's packaging.
> It is in the package qt3-qtconfig, but all it allows you to do is
> to substitute one whole font for another.  But I don’t want to
> replace the whole of the Chinese fonts with some other fonts, just
> the Cyrillic part of them.  Also, even after I did specify in
> qtconfig a substitution of “Free Helvetian” for both “AR PL KaitiM
> GB” and “AR SungtiL GB”, that didn't have the slightest effect
> when typing Cyrillic in kedit - it still uses the Cyrillic glyphs
> from the Chinese font.

I think you are not using qtconfig correctly. Maybe my examples
here help:


qtconfig writes the setup to ~/.qt/qtrc. After using qtconfig, you
should have some line like the following in qtrc:

[Font Substitutions]
Luxi Sans=Free Helvetian^eAR PL Mingti2L Big5^eAR PL SungtiL GB^eBaekmuk Gulim^eKochi Gothic^e

"Luxi Sans" is the font you select in the user interface of your KDE
application as the main font (Of course "Luxi Sans" is just an example

In the substitution list, make sure that a font with nice Cyrillic
glyphs comes before the Chinese fonts with the ugly Cyrillic glyphs.

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