[Fontconfig] Re: Disabling font X for language Y

Stefan Baums baums at u.washington.edu
Sat Apr 24 05:59:28 EST 2004

> I think you are not using qtconfig correctly. Maybe my examples
> here help

Very nice.  I now use the font substitutions

   Bitstream Vera Sans	    -> Free Helvetian
   Bitstream Vera Sans Mono -> Free Courier
   Bitstream Vera Serif     -> Free Times

with QT 3.2.3, and everything looks the way I want it to (with the
exception that single-glyph substitutions just don't work with
this version of QT).  I uninstalled the superior QT 3.3.1 again
because there was an incompatibility with Debian's packaged KDE


Stefan Baums
Asian Languages and Literature
University of Washington

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