[Fontconfig] fontconfig-2.2.94 won't build against freetype-2.1.8

Matthew Johnson yuengl1ng at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 29 16:15:00 EST 2004

Apparently, freetype-2.1.8 has renamed "ABS", "MAX",
and "MIN" to "FT_ABS", "FT_MAX", and "FT_MIN" in the
./include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h file.  This
breaks the fontconfig build horribly.  It looks like
the change was implemented with version 2.1.8, as the
original #define names are still intact with version

At first glance, the file that needs to be updated is

After updating that file in two or three places,
fontconfig compiles cleanly.  Woohoo!  It is 2:12am
and I have been staring at this for like three hours. 
I will see if I can generate a patch file tomorrow,
but this may not be the most elegant solution -- i.e.
hardcoding this change would break builds against old
versions of freetype.  Perhaps some type of ifdef
action is required?

Anyways, something to think about fixing in the code.

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