[Fontconfig] Localizing font family and style names

Ambrose Li acli at ada.dhs.org
Wed Dec 1 13:21:29 EST 2004

On Tue, Nov 30, 2004 at 09:43:10AM -0800, Keith Packard wrote:

> So what happens when you move a document from a zh_CN locale
> to en_US?  Does the system still manage to locate the right
> fonts?

IIRC, in Windows, the system does somehow manage to locate the
right fonts.

> I suggest that for our purposes, we must be able to store
> either family name in the file and match that correctly in any
> locale.
> > They want to see the localized font name (preferably in
> > the language of the font, ie. a chinese font should have a
> > chinese name).
> To me, 'Localized' is a technical term which means 'present
> according to $LANG', which isn't always the same as 'Chinese
> font given Chinese name'; I'd like to see the Chinese family
> names even in the en_US locale.

This is not necessarily desirable. Sometimes I want to see the
English names of Chinese fonts in a Chinese locale, if not
just for the sake of consistency (of moving documents between
locales). I know at least 1 (at least 2 if I remember correctly)
professional layout programs that allows this on MacOS, so I am
certainly not strange in wanting this option.

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