[Fontconfig] synthetic emboldening - when?

Jakub Pavelek jakub.pavelek at nokia.com
Wed Dec 1 19:45:53 EST 2004

> > I have tried that and it seems to work fine for my CJK fonts that don't
> > have bold face. Changes need to be made to Freetype, Xft and Fontconfig.
> > Patch for the CVS version of Fontconfig (2.2.96?) is attached.
> That's great; thanks for giving this a try.  It seems like getting this 
> built into FreeType by default will be the most difficult part of the 
> problem, but getting Fontconfig and Xft support ready for that seems like 
> a reasonable plan.
> As to your specific fontconfig patch, the only necessary parts are the 
> configuration file changes and the addition of the FC_EMBOLDEN constant to 
> fontconfig.h.  All of the code changes are not needed as fontconfig will 
> happily pass through the uninterpreted parts of the pattern to the font 
> rasterizer.
> You'll note that FC_MATRIX, which is used for slanting fonts, is given no
> special handling in the code, aside from an entry in fcname.c (which 
> FC_EMBOLDEN should get).

Do I need to do something more to get part of the patch included? Can
you accept just the relevant part of the patch? 



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