[Fontconfig] Core dump on AIX. ; Is there anyone home?

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Tue Dec 28 19:40:41 EST 2004

Around 3 o'clock on Dec 28, asr at ufl.edu wrote:

> I'm getting a coredump when I try to run fc-cache -f from a new
> fontconfig-2.2.96 built on aix 5.2, gcc 3.3.

You may actually getting a crash inside FreeType when attempting to load a
broken font.  Using gdb to get a stack trace would show whether Fontconfig 
or FreeType was having trouble.

In any case, you can locate which file is causing the problem with:

$ FC_DEBUG=128 fc-cache -f

This will print out the name of each file scanned by the system.  The last 
name should point out the font file that the system is having trouble 

There is also a new development snapshot available (2.2.97).  It's 
possible (although unlikely) that this version will work with your fonts.

> I saw that it was a devel snapshot, so wanted to revert to a stable version.
> But 2.2.3 seems to be unavailable because your wiki is busted?

Yes, the wiki is quite busted.  Sorry about that.  I've fixed it so that 
the stable series can be located from the main page again.  It remains at


Thanks much.

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