[Fontconfig] CVS Changes/ FCFontSort

John Thacker thacker at math.cornell.edu
Wed Dec 29 09:17:25 EST 2004

The changes to FcFontSort in CVS HEAD are great.  I think that's exactly
what I need to solve my problems and others'.  Any other various issues I 
think  are beyond the scope of what fontconfig can be responsible for, and 
are the responsibility of the applications, documents, user configuration, 
or possibly pango.

(E.g., in an English Unicode locale, view a UTF-8 document that isn't 
labeled for language but is mostly Japanese.  Should the Latin characters 
be rendered with the Japanese font used for everything else, or with the 
preferred English-supporting font?  Similarly problems of preferring a 
Japanese vs. Chinese font for Han characters in an unspecified document 
when in a non-CJK locale are up to individual users.)

What's left for a 2.3.0 "stable release" anyway?  I know RH and possibly
other distributions like to avoid shipping development snapshots, so
a release would be nice.

As an aside, the links to the fontconfig User Documentation on the wiki 
should point to 
and mutatis mutandis for the Developer Documentation.

John Thacker
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