[Fontconfig] Japanese Fallback Setup

Simon Brenner simon.brenner at home.se
Mon Feb 9 02:15:58 EST 2004


I'm starting to learn japanese, and I wanted to use a japanese font as 
fallback for all other fonts (whenever another font doesn't have a 
character, the japanese font should be used to fill the blank). I went 
ahead and got this working by a simple match rule:

        <edit name="family" mode="append">
                <string>Kochi Mincho</string>

Now, the problem is: all the japanese characters are painfully small 
compared to tahoma - so I'd like to make the japanese font twice as 
large or something, compared to tahoma (i.e. whenever a character from 
Kochi Mincho is used, the size is doubled or something)

Is this possible to accomplish? How would I do it?

Thanks a lot!
// Simon Brenner

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