[Fontconfig] Re: Patch to recognize PostScript weight "Demi"

John Stracke francis+dated+1084729523.2f7596 at thibault.org
Tue Feb 17 04:45:23 EST 2004

On Mon, 2004-02-16 at 11:32, John Stracke wrote:
> I noticed that fontconfig 2.2.1 was reporting the wrong weight for one
> of the fonts I was using ("URW Gothic L Demi Oblique"); when I dug into
> it, I found that the problem was that the .pfb was declaring its weight
> as "Demi", and fontconfig expected "Demibold".  So I modified
> fcfreetype.c to recognize "Demi" as a synonym for "Demibold".  It's a
> one-liner; the patch is attached.

And here's an updated patch that also recognizes "Roman" weight as a
synonym for "Normal".  This comes up in the URW font Century Schoolbook
L Roman.

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