[Fontconfig] Error accessing a FcConfig internal element

Adriano Del Vigna de Almeida katmandu at fs.inf.br
Sat Jan 3 04:16:29 EST 2004

Oh! No, this not my idea... I only want to see what my disabledFonts
FcStrSet contains from a management program... I could add an API like
'FcConfigGetDisabledFonts', this is my idea for know...

But thanks man!

Em Sex, 2004-01-02 às 15:09, Keith Packard escreveu:

> Around 12 o'clock on Jan 2, Adriano Del Vigna de Almeida wrote:
> > By the way, disabledFonts is a FcStrSet variable inside FcConfig
> > structure. What I'm doing wrong? I have never seen this error before...
> The FcConfig datatype is not exposed to applications; it's entirely 
> private to the fontconfig implementation.  If you want to add 
> 'disabledFonts' to the implementation, you'll need to expose some kind of 
> API that uses this datatype, preferably, the FcMatch, FcSort and FcList functions 
> would automatically use it to elide 'disabled' fonts from their results so 
> that applications wouldn't have to know about it.
> -keith
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