[Fontconfig] some fonts italic by default?

Stefan Baums baums at u.washington.edu
Sun Jan 4 08:14:04 EST 2004

> I am using fontconfig 2.2.90 and Xft 2.1.2 on FreeBSD 4.8, and I have a
> little problem - some fonts are italic by default in all applications
> that use Xft. I am using TTF fonts from MS Windows.
> For example, when I invoke
> # xterm -fa "Courier New"

Same problem here (Debian GNU/Linux testing, fontconfig 2.2.1-13)
with the “Courier” font (from the gsfonts-x11 package, I believe).
This is probably a fontconfig problem, not an Xft problem, because
I see this in OpenOffice which (in its Debian incarnation) as far
as I know uses the former, but not the latter


Stefan Baums
Asian Languages and Literature
University of Washington

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