[Fontconfig] Three problems about fontconfig in KDE and Gnome.

song kangho khsongdr at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 12 12:43:19 EST 2004

I subscribed to this list so that I would like to ask
these questions.
But I am not good at mailing list, if this mail is bad
to this list, ignore it.

I use both KDE and Gnome. I use GTK+ apps in KDE
sometimes, use QT apps in Gnome. So I want all
applications to be shown with the same shape in both
KDE and gnome. Fonts, fonts sizes, themes, etc.
And I found It's very difficult to do what I want.

Q1. Is there any difference between to run "startx --
-dpi 96" and to run with the file "~/.fonts.conf"
contains DPI information?
     My font size of gnome is 9, and of kde 9 too. But
their sizes are different each other.
     KDE's font size is much smaller than gnome's. I
found that was caused by the DPI information.
     My Gnome's dpi is 96, I adjusted that by running
"gnome-font-properties. But I couldn't adjust DPI in
     So I edited my ~/.fonts.conf like the below...
     <match target="pattern">
      <edit name="dpi" mode="assign">
     That was OK. 9-size Bitstream Vera Sans in KDE
looked same with that of Gnome.
     But The font's size of some applications, such as
Konqueror Browser and Opera Browser, got bigger.
     So I commentted out above lines in ~/.fonts.conf,
and ran X with command "startx -- -dpi 96".
     That was good, really good. The sizes of between
Gnome and KDE are absolutly same.
     Is it useless that I add above DPI information to
my ~/.fonts.conf?

Q2. Assigning the fonts doesn't work properly, this
doesn't occur in Gnome, but occurs in KDE.
     Many sites require Courier fonts in their
     But I don't want my browser to display
non-antialiased core fonts like Courier.
     So I edited my ~/.fonts.conf
     <match target="pattern">
      <test name="family">
      <edit mode="assign" binding="strong"
       <string>Courier 10 Pitch</string>
     In gnome, That was OK. "Courier 10 Pitch"
replaced "Courier" perfectly.
     But in KDE, it was weird. That's neither Courier
nor Courier 10 Pitch.
     I link my screenshot. look at this.
     Left window is KDE control, and Right is
     KDE's courier has not only different shape but
also two fonts.
     And the space between characters is bigger. Very

Q3. Yes, this problem also has relation with KDE.
    I wanted see english text with Bitstream Vera
Sans, and Korean text with Gulim.
    So I added the below to my ~/.fonts.conf
      <family>Bitstream Vera Sans</family>
       <family>Bitstream Vera Sans</family>
     In gnome, everything was perfect.
     It seemed to be perfect in KDE too. But there
were some characters could not be displayed.
     I link my second screenshot. Sorry for size, it's
a little big.
     Each characters in blue box are all the same.
When I select Bitstream Vera Sans in KCharSelect, that
character is broken. But When I select "Gulim", it's
displayed very well. I wonder what's the problem. I
adjusted that Gulim would append Bitstream Vera Sans.
And Gulim has that character, but Bitstream Vera Sans
that Gulim appends can't express that character.

I wish this post would bring me the answers.

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