[Fontconfig] cross-compiling fontconfig

Aitor Garcia carrierphasejitter at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 12 20:55:00 EST 2004


I am trying to cross compile fontconfig 2.2.92 for the
target arm-linux on a i686-pc-linux-gnu host.

These are the commands that I have typed:

cvs -d
:pserver:anoncvs at pdx.freedesktop.org:/cvs/fontconfig
cvs -d
:pserver:anoncvs at pdx.freedesktop.org:/cvs/fontconfig
co fontconfig
cd fontconfig
./autogen.sh --host=arm-linux
--build=i686-pc-linux-gnu --prefix=/usr/local/arm
make install

When I try to cross compile pango, a program that
requires libfontconfig 
libraries, I get the following error message:

/usr/local/arm/lib/libfontconfig.so: could not read
symbols: Invalid operation

I think that the error is because the fontconfig
libraries have not 
correctly been compiled for the target platform.

Then, I have inspected the Makefile generated to cross
compile fontconfig and
found that the CC variable should be arm-linux-gcc
instead of gcc and some
inconsistencies in FREETYPE_FLAGS that points to
/usr/include/freetype2 instead of

It happens the same with the Makefiles located in all
the subdirectories of fontconfig.

I have made a search and found only a thread with date
of Mon, 16 Jun 2003 asking for help in cross compiling
fontconfig but has not been very helpful.

Is there something that I am doing wrong with the
cross compilation of fontconfig ?.

Has anyone else experiencienced problems with the
cross compilation of fontconfig ?.

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards,


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