[Fontconfig] gimp compiling confusion w/fontconfig.h

Ciprian Popovici ciprian at zuavra.net
Sun Jan 25 05:59:34 EST 2004

On Fri, 23 Jan 2004 21:06:56 -0700 Goyo Roth <goyo.roth at utah.edu> wrote:
>     I realize that you may not be able to dictate the versions of 
> fontconfig various distributions use, but I was confused by this header 
> such that I didn't know what the correct course of action was. Should I 
> eliminate the X11R6 header that seems to lake newer features? But what 

Personally I always move out of the way the fontconfig-related files that come
with X,(headers, libs, pkgconfig file) and use the ones from the fontconfig
package. FWIW, I do the same for xrender, render and xft2. If you're going to
use a separate package it's bound to be more up to date than what a stable X
release has.

Ciprian Popovici

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