[Fontconfig] fotnconfig 2.2.0, font trouble in GTK2 apps

Oliver Schurr Oliver.Schurr at t-online.de
Wed Jan 14 07:02:12 EST 2004

Hi fontconfig developers

Please see the attached screenshot and this is how the font's look.
There seems to be something misconfigured on my box here.  The rendered
font is almost unreadable. I like to get a Sans font as an alternative.

Linux x86, 586, kernel 2.0.39, libc5, gcc 2.95.2, GTK+ 2.2.4, Glib
2.2.3, atk 1.2.5, pango 1.2.5, latest versions of XFT, Xrender, render
from the fontconfig release directory, fontconfig 2.2.0, and X
The previous version of fontconfig which came packaged as fc-package 2.1
did work just fine and displayed the correct fonts (better readable

I installed the latest versions of Xrender, render, and XFT successfully
since fontconfig didn"t complain during the 'configure' and 'make'
steps. The I installed it in the /usr/local tree and then finally I ran
'fc-cache' as root user and it created a 'fonts.cache-1' file in
/usr/X11R6/lib/fonts/Type1 directory.

Is there a way where I can define which font, (e.g. a sans font) to be
used in stead of the one shown in the screenshot.  For what it's worth,
the same font is rendered in xcchat 2.x and gimp 2.0pre1also, which both
are gtk2 appz.

Thanks a lot

Oliver Schurr

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