[Fontconfig] Font management

Andrew Kerr andrewkerr at ozemail.com.au
Tue Jan 13 14:36:37 EST 2004


I was wondering if anyone knows if:

a) there is good font _management_ software that uses fontconfig

b) it is possible to organise fonts by user-defined categories (like
"favourite") and then make those categories available to applications
(as well as machine defined catagories like "commonly used" or classes
like "serif" or "decorative" etc)

or is that beyond the scope of fontconfig? (the name suggests this) Font
management is great for making it easy to use large collections of fonts
and seems to be an area lacking in the linux desktop. Maybe this could
be a new freedesktop initiative?


PS: I'm not subscribed, can replies be CC'ed? thanks.

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