[Fontconfig] bitmap fonts and fontconfig

Andrei A. Voropaev av at simcon-mt.com
Tue Jul 13 20:33:39 EST 2004

Sorry. I've had a problem with my mail setup, so this message might show
up more than once in the list.

I'm really puzzled by this problem. Till yesterday my gvim compiled
against GTK was using font that normally has name 


Under GTK and fontconfig it was known as 

fixed\ Medium\ Semi-Condensed\ 13

Yesterday I've updated few libraries. This update included fontconfig
and GTK. Now this font is not visible anymore. Yes, I've made sure that
the directory containing this font is in /etc/fonts/local.conf

What else shall be done?

I've noticed that this is pretty common problem and it is connected with
the fact that fontconfig ignores bitmap fonts (what a strange decision?)
Unfortunately there was no exact solution how to make fontconfig to use
bitmap fonts again. That is why I had to post this message.

Thank you


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