[Fontconfig] fc-cache (fccfg.c) fails if no HOME

Jeremy C. Reed reed at reedmedia.net
Sun Jul 25 03:16:01 EST 2004

(Sorry, if you receive this twice; the first was not moderated yet so I
joined list and emailed again.)

I am looking at NetBSD problem report:


fc-cache fails with "Can't init font config library" if no there is no
HOME environment variable.

The above URL provides a simple fix. (I didn't test myself.)

NetBSD is still using out-of-date fontconfig.

I see your fccfg.c revision mentions: "If FcConfigHome() is NULL,
use the temp folder."

But that patch appears to be for _WIN32 only.

I see a few references to ~ which is $HOME.

Any comments would be appreciated for above. Should we use /dev/null for

Or should we use your tmp directory (is that even related?) and not for
_WIN32 only?

Please CC me on replies.


 Jeremy C. Reed

 	  	 	 open source, Unix, *BSD, Linux training

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