[Fontconfig] terminus font (embedded pixmap in ttf)

Khiraly khiraly123 at gmx.net
Sun Jul 25 19:13:30 EST 2004


Please could you advice me in my fontconfig-glyphs related problem I 
have just faced:

True type fonts using an embedded bitmap font (glyphs) do not show up in
  my applications that use font.conf. They just render the outline of 
the vector based font, producing a miniature.

I made the font in FontForge, with option "bitmap embedded in ttf" 
enabled. It really should work. You can check it out at:

To demonstrate it clearly, I put together an example, please look at 
this picture: http://www.pvvbitech.hu/fotok/terminusComparison.png
I pulled a font from my Anjuta program (also you can find the very same 
font in Xchat2 or gedit2). Following that, I show texts typed with this 
font in gimp2. The bottom part of the picture shows how the font 
originally looked in FontForge (that is how they should always look

What did I miss when I set my fontconfig? I quote here the content of my
   /etc/fonts/fonts.conf  file.

I appreciate any help.

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